The Environment

Our Commitment

The Willapa Bay is unique amongst bays and estuaries in the Continental United States.  It is the only one with no pollution in the water or in the sediment.  It is the cleanest bay in the US.

Everything we do is focused on improving an already great place.  We are focused on eel grass restoration, reduction of plastics and combustion engines, to name just a few.

Sailing can be a truly environmentally conscious activity.  When sailing there is no carbon footprint from the activity.  Sails harness the wind and that generates the power that moves a sailboat.  It is clean, leaves no trace, and has little or no impact on the environment.  Even though the state of Washington does not require it, we use copper free, ecological bottom paint on our boats.  This eliminates nearly all of the damage a sailboat might inflict on the environment.

We are committed to working with our sister company: Willapa Wild to continue to improve the ecology of the Bay.  Our focus is on providing both education about the estuary and access in a safe, healthy and fun way. 

In our dining room we limit the foods, to ones that have a low carbon/climate footprint.  We don’t have gas burners or deep fryers.  We rely on electricity, much of which is hydro-electric in our area, to power all of our appliances. We also think a restaurant without gas fumes is healthier!

So feel good, when you come to SBYC, that we care about the environment as you do.