Becoming a member is easy.  There is no long process.  No one needs to nominate you.  No invitations are secretly slipped under your door.  There is no right family or college you need to have come from. We don’t rush.  No indoctrination or hazing…no pledges, no promises…just a desire to try.

It’s $20 per month for an individual or couple.  If you join as a family with kids under 18, then we reduce the annual dues to $15 per month…we want families.

For that you get the following:

  • 10% discount on all your purchases.
  • Free wifi – come in and chill…do some work…hang out…think of it as your workspace
  • Free Iced Tea and Coffee.
  • Invitation to member-only events.
  • Future access to the Club's sailboats.

It's a pretty good deal!

Plus, all the money goes directly into our sailing program; this allows us to buy more boats and maintain the ones we have.