About Us

Welcome to Shoalwater Bay Yacht Club. 

Established in 1877. Rejuvenated in 2023.


How to find us:

1401 Bay Avenue

Ocean Park, WA 98640

46° 29.502’ N

124° 3.047’ W


Our Mission

To create a strong community through access to the outdoors through sailing, great cuisine, amazing drinks and rich fellowship.

Our Vision

Tl:Dr  Anyone can come to our club and enjoy the facilities.  Club members, for a nominal annual fee, get a significant discount on their drinks and food at the club.  They will, also, as we build the fleet, have access to sailing lessons and an opportunity to sail the boats on their own.  The only qualification for membership is that you want to learn, try and have fun.

As we understand it, in 1877 a group of Oysterville residents got together and formed the Shoalwater Bay Yacht Club.  The club was focused on organizing a race on July 4th, of that year, to Celebrate our country’s independence and see who the best sailor was on the Willapa (then Shoalwater) Bay. A pretty normal American activity: celebrate with a competition. Over the next few years the club and event prospered.  However, as boats shifted from power to sail, the club died. Now we are restarting the club!


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