Pure Experience

The Lower Columbia River Region is roughly the size of the state of Connecticut, yet it has 3% the population.  The combination of a large geographic area, combined with a limited human influence has left  the area largely as it was when Lewis and Clark first arrived on their expedition in 1805. 

Some of the only remaining old growth forests exist here.  Wildlife, exists in significant numbers.  It is a beautiful area that boasts the cleanest bay in the Continental United States.  Timber and fisheries thrive next to federally protected lands. It is a place of environmental balance.  It is a place of purity that will provide you an insight into what the west has looked like for millennia.

Whether you want to escape to the “wilderness”, experience the amazing ingredients the area produces, or harvest some of your own; the Lower Columbia River Region will not disappoint you.

At Bear Claw we are focused on enabling others to enjoy this area as much as we do.  Whether you simply want to enjoy the ingredients the area produces or actually visit; we are here to help. 

What follows is a very brief outline of some of the experiences you can enjoy here.  We have a number of detailed brochures that provide you with insight and recommendations on what to do and how to schedule them. 

For simplicity we have broken the Lower Columbia River Region experience in to three areas:

Outdoor Experiences: The Columbia River Bar (entrance to the Columbia River) has more shipwrecks than any other place on the Pacific Coast of the United States.  It is truly the graveyard of the Pacific.  The exposed coastline is a rough, rugged and beautiful place with names like: Cape Disappointment, Dismal Nitch, and many more.  The hiking ranges from easy to difficult, depending on your desire.  You can take leisurely walks or all day events into wilderness where you probably won’t see anyone else the entire day.  Parks in the area include:

  1. Lewis and Clark National Historical Park
  2. Willapa Bay National Wildlife Refuge
  3. Ledbetter State Park
  4. Cape Disappointment State Park

There are thousands of miles of biking and hiking trails to enjoy in our area.

Epicurean Experiences: This is the area in which James Beard grew up.  This is the area in which he fell in love with food.  This area is also the reason why he was such an expert on seafood.  There is no area in the Continental United States that has such an abundant and high quality production of seafood.  There is no fish farming here, all of the catch is wild.  The only thing that is farmed are the oysters; and the Willapa Bay produces more than 20% of all the oysters grown in the US.  The incredible availability of raw ingredients have and continue to drive culinary innovation that leads the country.  This was the area that, over 30 years ago, pioneered the “farm to fork” local, sustainable movement.

Harvesting Experiences: depending on your preference, harvesting experiences are as simple as berry picking to  complex activities like salmon fishing and Elk hunting.  Some of the most popular are:

  • Mushroom hunting: the area is filled with wonderful edible mushrooms. The most predominant are Oyster, Chanterrelle, and Lobster. Tours and guides can be hired.
  • Razor Clamming: this is one of the biggest activities in the area.  The season is open between 10-35 days of the year.  On each day more than 10,000 people converge on the beaches to “dig” for razor clams.
  • Salmon & Albacore Tuna Fishing: charter boats are available to take you out fishing.  It is fun and easy for anyone of any age to enjoy.  All of the boats are one day boats so the trip is quick, enjoyable and easy.  The boats provide all the equipment.