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The Albacore Tuna sold by Bear Claw Organics are all line caught off the coasts of SW Washington and NW Oregon. The tuna are hand filleted and hand packed.  They are different from any other canned tuna we have ever eaten.  What makes them so special? They come from the most sustainable Albacore fishery in the world.  It is so significant and sustainable that there are no fishing limits, either commercial or recreational, on the size and quantity of the catches.  It is deemed that healthy of a fishing ground.  It is certified sustainable by the Marine Sustainability Council. Northeastern Pacific...

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There is an old adage that says one should only eat shellfish in months that contain an “R” in their spelling.  Applying this would indicate that from May through August shellfish are off limits.  The truth is that shellfish are generally only dangerous when there is a significant algae bloom. Algae tends to be more profligate in the summer, when the water is warmer.   A red tide is a good example of this. For the Pacific Coast, the algae bloom that began the spring of 2015 is a practical example.  The perfusion of algae that bloomed off Vancouver Island in...

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